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What sessions are like

In a clinical session, the therapist will help the patient get in contact with the problem that is causing the discomfort and the symptoms.

Our unique system addresses the root of the distress, releasing the patient once and for all from his suffering.

Without addressing this, we will never be truly free and fulfilled despite all our efforts.

Duration of the treatment

Each session is approximately 60-90 minutes.

We will provide a safe space for you in every way because therapy can only be truly effective when you feel really safe.

The therapist will spend one or two sessions helping you to address the nature and the core of the problem. After that, the therapist will decide which is the best therapy for you, explaining how the therapy will develop and answering all your doubts.

After that, we will chart a course that will empower you to live a new life that is rich in all ways.

Change your thinking - change your results!

During the day, we are exposed to thousands of everyday life situations. Our mind is stimulated by each one and then they are processed and stored, becoming data in the form of memories.

Nevertheless, when one of these situations breaks our normal adaptive capacity, it freezes our brain's ability to process the information, preventing us from responding correctly when another event with the same characteristics happens again.

Because of this, a part of our brain will still be trying to deal with the situation as if it was happening right now again and again, especially when we are exposed to something that resembles the initial situation in different ways: a sound, a smell, an emotion...

These events don’t follow the normal brain information processing and thus create so much suffering in the person that the only way the brain has to deal with them is to put them aside, waiting for the right answer or for help to put them back in the information storehouse.

But, meanwhile, because our brain places them in a space beyond the normal information process, they become a hidden burden in our life, creating and making us repeat improper responses time and again, behaviors and thoughts about the world and about ourselves, making us feel powerless because we can’t stop this endless process while willing to release ourselves from the pain. We develop new ways of trying to stop this new suffering and the whole process becomes an unstoppable living nightmare.

But, with our proven methodology and science-based techniques, we will provide you with the tools to empower yourself to discharge the pain and shift your experience from stress to an experience of security and fulfillment.

This is what we focus on, shifting and resolving the beliefs that are at the core of your distress, disease and sense of powerlessness, transforming them into a powerful experience of a life full of joy, love and connection.

What is stopping you from living the life that you deserve? What is stopping you from becoming the person you dream of being?

FREE “getting to know you” sessions

20-30 minutes by phone or Skype. Ask all your questions; share your concerns and issues, state whatever your hopes and goals are for change. Make sure you are comfortable working online.

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FREE “getting to know you” sessions

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